Rino il robottino

After the experience with Dino I decided to start developing a new, more complex, robot useful for different categories of robotic contests. This one is composed by different, specialized boards, each one with its own task, managed by a "main" board that decides the behavior of the robot.
The descriptions will be specialized as well on each part of the system and they will be added time by time, as soon other boards will be developed.

This project, still in an early stage, participated in:
Circuit Cellar / Microchip 16 bit Embedded Control Design Contest "Put Your Creativity to the Test"
obtaining a distinctive exellence award: WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

This project was described in a two article series on Circuit Cellar magazines #224 and #225 (March and April 2009 issues). Articles replicated also on a chinese specialized site: Part 1 and Part 2.

The Sensors board description was published on Circuit Cellar magazine #236 (March 2010 issue) and the PSoC tone detection board on Circuit Cellar magazines #256 and #257 (November and December 2011 issues)
Robot evolutions
a gallery of the time by time evolutions for Rino

Basic platform


A step by step description on how to realize in a simple way a professional looking, multi-use robotic platform


Block Diagram
dsNavCon Board
Power Supply
NewPower Supply

the susbsystem that takes care of the
movements of the robot

Remote Console
Remote Console evolution
Remote Console more evolutions
Remote Console usage
Latest versions
Detailed documentation


More on dsNavCon33
the evolution using a new version
of dsPIC

Sensors Board

Sense of Smell
Sense of Sight
Sense of Touch
Sense of Hearing
Sense of Direction
Sense of Taste
Another kind of
Sound Sensor

The senses of the robot
dsNav communication
Protocol Description
Tx - Rx examples
Commands Descr: Service
Commands Descr: Nav. Settings
Commands Descr: Nav. Read
Commands Descr: Const. Settings
Commands Descr: Sensors
Console Commands: Main
Console Commands: Config
Console Commands: Sequencer
Console Commands: Details



Performing tests to calibrate odometry
RTC Robo Tolomeo Cup
updated on 27-11-2011