CM3-PANEL – Panel PC based on Raspberry Compute Module 3 lite

CM3-Panel is a thin panel PC based on Raspberry Pi 3 lite industrial module thought to be integrated on the front panel of your devices

Unlike the Raspberry Pi 7 inch display, the CM3-Panel is not a desktop device but, thanks to its thickness (<20 mm), it can be placed where there in not enough depth space for other solutions. ## Main features * 800 x 480 pixel [7 inch TFT panel]( with 10 points [capacitive touch](./KDCTP070001A.pdf) * Socket for [Raspberry Compute Module 3 normal or lite]( * MIPI connector for Raspberry Pi Camera * Placement for an [USB WiFi module @ 2.4 GHz](/WIFI-2) __OR__ for an USB host connector * Placement for a [Yarm radio module](/yarm) * Up to 24 GPIO lines available for extensions or * Lcd backligth control (-1 GPIO) * Camera led and camera shutdown control (-2 GPIO) * SPI bus (-5 GPIO) * Hardware PWM lines (-2 GPIO) * Serial line (-2 GPIO) * PCM line (-4 GPIO) * I2C bus (-2 GPIO) * Operating temperature: -20° - +70°

## Documentation

* @article=’CM3-PANEL_microsd’
* @article=’CM3-PANEL_howtos’

## Downloads

* [3D step model](./cm3panel.step)
* [Mechanical drawing](./cm3panel_mechanical_drawing.pdf)
* [Schematic](./cm3panel_schematic.pdf)
* Datasheets:
* [TFT Display](
* [Capacitive touch](./KDCTP070001A.pdf)

## Third party software supported on the CM3-Panel

>Advanced digital signage platform. Fully hosted, programmable and easy to use.
>Read more about the info-beamer implementation on CM3-Panel on:

>Industrial Androidâ„¢
>Read more about the Emteria.OS implementation on CM3-Panel on:

## Raspberry Pi signals available on the rear pin strips:

On the bottom side are available two sets of 16×2 pin strip pitch 2.54mm
on where is possible to plug an expansion board or two flat cables.

The number written near each pin on the silk screen indicates the GPIO number. The
pin numbering starts from top left down to bottom right.

On each pin group are available the power supply lines (+5 volt, +3.3 volt and GND)
and a set of GPIOs and control signals.

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## Glossary of terms

* __DPI – Display Parallel Interface__: Parallel RGB interface for display – On the CM3-panel
in used in RGB666 mode ().
* __PCM – Pulse-code Modulation__: Digital representation of sampled analog. On the Raspberry Pi it’s a form
of digital audio output which can be understood by a DAC for high quality sound.
* __Yarm – Yet Another Radio Module__: Is an ISM 868 MHz radio module designed by Acme Systems
and powered by a Cortex M0+ CPU ().
* __Touchscreen panel I2C interface__: I2C serial interface with [Goodix IC](
capacitive touchscreen controller.

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