As well as all the projects on GUIOTT site, this one too is not intended as an industry standard, universally applicable and certified product. This is a case study about the theory behind, the method and the technology usable to realize such a system. The intention is to give the building blocks, both theoretical and hands-on, useful to create the basement for a personal application.
Even if the circuit described in these pages is stable working for months with the Vimar By-me® system installed in my home, it will be responsibility of who is going to apply these knowledge basis to carefully check the compatibility with the existing devices and circuits, in addition to the safety rules and patents rights applicable in his own country. I don't give any guarantee about the functioning and I decline any responsibility on any possible damage or injurie that can occur operating on live circuits. Be careful!

This study starts from plenty of information publicly available on Internet about an open standard as KNX is. It uses experiences, knowledges and collaborations from many contributors, some of them will be mentioned along this pages.
As any other open projects on this site, any contribution useful to improve it will be really appreciated as well as comments and real usage examples.

Using Microchip PIC:


update on 23-08-2016

HTML5 to KNX gateway

A study about how to interface a Konnex bus through a browser

Using other processors as gateway:

Texas MSP
Arduino Libraries