In the next section the articles I published on several international specialized magazines

Circuit Cellar #224 March 2009

I built a navigation control subsystem for an autonomous differential steering explorer robot. In the first part of this article series, I describe a robotic platform that drives motors and controls an H-bridge. I also present a communication system that remotely manages the robot.

Circuit Cellar #225 April 2009

In this second part of the article series I describe the software development phase of the project.

Circuit Cellar #256 November 2011

Analog Signal Management
The first part of this two-part series details the hardware part of an audio sensor. You learn how to mount the component to a printed circuit board (PCB) and configure the internal hardware modules to manage an analog signal.

Circuit Cellar #257 December 2011

The Software & Sensing
This article covers the design’s software capabilities and how they can be used to measure the level of the signal, expand the dynamic of the amplifying chain, and reliably share this information in several different modes with the external world.

Circuit Cellar #236 March 2010

If you’re developing an interactive robotics platform, you’ll have to incorporate a well-designed sensor system at some point. This article covers how to add “senses” to a robotics design, from sight to hearing to touch and more.

Fare Elettronica #324 Giugno 2012

Come modificare un semplice ed economico sensore di parcheggio standard per ottenere un quadruplo misuratore di distanza a prova di intemperie, da usare come rilevatore di ostacoli per i nostri robot

updated on 28-11-2014

Who Am I?

Something about me

Let me use the kind words spent by C.J. Abate (Circuit Cellar Editor-in-Chief) on his blog:
Guido Ottaviani designs and creates innovative microcontroller-based robot systems in the city from which remarkable innovations in science and art have originated for centuries. By day, the Rome-based designer is a technical manager for a large Italian editorial group. In his spare time he designs robots and interacts with various other “electronics addicts.”

This blog introduces an interview with me that Nan Price, associate editor of Circuit Cellar, wrote on August 2012 (issue #265) of this worldwide known magazine .

I was very pleased to answer to Nan questions. My mind was stimulated a lot and memories flowed out very easily. Under permission of Circuit Cellar, I am proud to publish here the interview that describes me better than many other words I can write down. Thank you Nan and thank to all Circuit Cellar staff for this opportunity.

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