The "Gundam syndrome" (SdG from Italian Sindrome Di Gundam) is not a real disease, but is the name funnily invented in the early 2000s to the particular state of mind for which a person believes he can make a complicated project without having any technical expertise. The inventor of the term "Gundam Syndrome" remains a mystery and is a subject of lively discussion among the members of the Italian community of amateur robotics.

The "Gundam syndrome" (SdG) is the state of mind in which there is the person who wants to achieve something beyond his capacity at least two orders of magnitude. Normally this state brings the subject to visit the forums and blogs asking to their users questions particularly senseless like this (imaginary, but not too far from reality): "I'm 14, I do not understand anything about electronics, physics, computer science and mechanics, also my mother doesn't even allow me to use the drill and welder but I would build a robot doing triple somersaults. You make a list of everything I need, piece by piece, with accompanying costs and availability, and tell me step by step what to do. And you do not say to me up to look for things on the internet because I do not speak English. Please answer soon because I need by the end of the school year. "

Holders of SdG rarely are healthy carriers, often instead they infect other subjects "sensible to infection". Curiously, in this case the two parties do not cooperate in a common project, but they fight immediately "forking" the project into two projects completely different and obviously incompatible. The "sick" of SdG often does not accept advice from expert users who seek to understand the subject because it is impossible to carry out his plan without having the skills and availability, generating over-reactions that often fall in the offense and subsequent ostracism.

SdG does not fall within the normal aspiration to improve learning new techniques, such as: "I never made a PID but I would like to try, what books / tutorials read?"


These are fictious examples of SdG but, browsing the net, you can easily find how they are close to the truth.
"I have no experience of electronic / computer / mechanical and I would like to build a robot that face backwards reciting multiplication tables. How many LEDs should I buy? But above all of that diameter?"
"I would build a biped robot that turns for home, taking the objects, running, and that I can drive with the remote control of my Playstation. I state that I do not know anything about electronics and programming"
"Sorry I wish someone would help me to start from scratch and build a robot urgent help please !! thank you !!"
"I want a robot that goes around with the tracks or wheels and that I can remote control, with a weapon like Robot Warriors. I do not know anything about how to build a robot and I would learn I beg answer me I need it"

The origin of the terminology "Gundam syndrome" has been lost in the annals of the forums where the users of the Italian amateur robotics community hang out. The first recoverable definition seems to be from 2004 on forum Roboitalia later reported on the Roboteck mailing list in 2008 with a new case and a first timid attempt of formalization. Since then, several discussions have been started about but has not reached a unique assignment.

As it is known Gundam is a character of Japanese of the early 70s. The classic example of unlikely robot construction, but inspiration for all future lovers of robotics. Thinking about a project beyond our own technical, cognitive and economic means is equivalent of thinking to create something that exists only in the fantasy and science fiction. The term "Gundam syndrome" was born spontaneously, during a discussion related to one of the many unfeasible projects proposed by a user who tried for the first time to look out the difficult world of robotics. The term rapidly took root and spread even out of the robotics discipline.

The spread of SdG did not stop, just visit any forums present on the Internet to find new examples of SdG "sicks" in any technical-practical discipline. A simple search shows how this syndrome is widespread.
Updated on 27-08-2015

Gundam Syndrome

The best-known syndrome typical of roboticists